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Asset-intensive companies demand predictable production at the lowest sustainable cost, starting with a clear picture of an enterprise’s overall asset health.   Using intelligent asset strategies, Meridium’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software and solutions can help your organization reduce operating risk and improve reliability by predicting and preventing asset failures. 

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Achieving a Reliability-Oriented Corporate Culture at ISAB
Giuseppe Pitarresi, ISAB and Horacio Laprea, Meridium

Research indicates that a significant number of quality and reliability initiatives fail, despite having committed and skilled individuals in charge. Often, after implementation is complete, the initial enthusiasm and momentum starts to fade. Properly addressing cultural change is a challenging quest, and is one of the main reasons for not sustaining long term benefits.

ISAB's corporate vision is to be sustainably, the most reliable, lowest-cost refiner in the Mediterranean. In order to achieve this objective, a series of different initiatives involving technology, methodologies and best practices have been put in place. However, the final goal is to root into the companies DNA a reliability-oriented culture across the organization. In this session, ISAB will review different efforts that helped achieve this goal, from the initial project strategy based on Meridium's Solution Design to the structured change-management approach and a series of interdepartmental efforts involving disciplines across the organization, including the recently created reliability department. This presentation will also illustrate how specific Meridium features are being used to leverage and support the overall change management initiative, with regard to metrics, enablement indicators and value realization.