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Asset-intensive companies demand predictable production at the lowest sustainable cost, starting with a clear picture of an enterprise’s overall asset health.   Using intelligent asset strategies, Meridium’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software and solutions can help your organization reduce operating risk and improve reliability by predicting and preventing asset failures. 

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Case Studies

Marathon Petroleum Develops Collaborative Strategy for APM Wins
With more than 125 years of experience in the energy business, Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC…Read more
Xcel Energy Saves Over 2,000 Hours in One Year on Event Assessments Tracking and Workflow with Meridium APM
Xcel Energy is a major U.S. electric and natural gas company, with regulated operations across…Read more
Sasol Improves Asset Safety and Reliability with Meridium APM V4 at Greenfield Site
Sasol is an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and…Read more
Polinter Reduces Corrective Maintenance Actions by 14%, Increases Preventative Maintenance by 25% with Meridium
Polinter is a Venezuelan petrochemical company devoted to the production of high, medium and low…Read more
Magnelec Expects Savings of $4.6 Million in 5 Years with Meridium
Founded in 1887, Peñoles is a Mexican holding company focused on integrated smelting and refining…Read more
Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies Cleans Up its "Dirty Data" with Meridium
With more than 129,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists,…Read more
How a Major Oil & Gas Company Avoided $20 Million in Costs
For this major Oil & Gas company, if any asset fails (even a small component such as a flow…Read more
How Two Major Utility Companies Optimized Availability & Cut Failures with Intelligent Asset Strategies
The nuclear power industry is struggling to balance rapidly increasing demand with the costs and…Read more
How a Major Chemical Company Gained 15% in Productivity
With over 42,000 assets (including 600 pieces of fixed equipment) many disparate information…Read more
How a Major Transportation Conglomerate Cut Failures by 10%
This major transportation conglomerate needed to commercialize tracks on a secure and reliable…Read more
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